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"Tablets, tablets, tablets... Can I get a tablet for my headache? I couldn't make up my mind which tablet PC among all these nifty tablets should I buy!"

Are you familiar with this problem that got you all stuck in a rut? Well then, how much more when you are choosing all those necessary tablet accessories? And, how will you know if the accessory is already a luxury more than a necessity? Yeah, well, another tablet for recurring migraine, please?

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But before we jump into the next to get our heads blown up, let's deal with the tablet itself first-and yes, not the medicine you take. First off, you must know what the heart of tablet you aspire should have. When talking about the heart, I'm referring to its operating system. You may have as well heard already the platforms running on other tablets; you may have also experienced some of them. But when there is something new on the table, are you not itching to taste the newly cooked viand? I don't know about you, but Windows 8 tablets sound delicious! Hmm-mm! It's already September, Ebay but what else can this 2013 offer? Let's have a rundown with these Windows 8 tablets, shall we?

#1: ASUS Vivo Tab

If you don't know much of Windows 8 tablets, they boast their feature of convertibility. With this 12-incher, you can detach the physical keyboard (although the keyboard is not included in the package) to have your tablet, or attach it to have a "mini" laptop. It is said to be an atom-based tablet that has 1366x768 resolution, and only 0.34" thick. It is also geared up with a 2 GB of RAM, and has indeed a strong battery backup that can last up to 8 hours-Intel Clover Tail processor is the force behind it. It has 64 GB storage capacity that can also be expanded through a microSD and microSDHC card. The tablet's price ranges from $599.99 to $799.00.

#2: Dell XPS 10

It's almost the same as ASUS Vivo Tab, but if you take a closer look, this has better things to offer. Plus, it is much cheaper compared to ASUS Vivo Tab. This tablet, which retails for only $449 regularly, is powered by Qualcomm SnapDragon S4 dual-core ARM processor. Talk about its battery backup; it can last up to 10 hours. Although it's one of the most powerful tablets, it ranks down with the thickness compared to the rest of the tablets.

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#3: Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 2

What's your initial reaction with a pristine tablet with a... hefty price? You would even cross that tablet on the list, would you? But with Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 2, you will definitely think again. Pricey as it may seem, but believe it or not, it is a reasonable price for it matching up with $649 up to $699. It has an awesome 8-megapixel shooter at the back and has a built-in Dolby speakers. This 10-incher also has an internal storage of 64 GB, and the screen resolution is incredibly 1366x768. And like that of Dell XPS 10, this tablet's battery life can stand up to 10 hours. Do you still have second thoughts on buying this?

If you have the dough to splurge, then I guess there is nothing to lose. After all, what is money? Paper only. Hah! Well, silver ones, too. Match it even with luxury leather cases if you will, and experience the exquisite performance of Windows 8 Tablets.

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